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The consumption of paints in one country is considered as an indicator of the maturity of its culture. Paints have been widely used in various fields of industry and life. The variety and applications of paints have markedly increased with the remarkable progress of technology. Today, many products are being manufactured to satisfy every need.


Moreover, the diffusion of heavy-duty protective coatings which demonstrate outstanding performance under severe conditions and environments has made an immeasurable contribution to the development of industry and enhancement of people's living conditions. For example, more reliable coatings have been demanded increasingly, especially in such industries as nuclear power stations that supply vast amount of energy, and a large-scale bridges for convenient transportation and traffic, where coating application work and maintenance work is difficult.


Japan Carboline is dedicated to the development, manufacturing, and sales of innovative heavy-duty protective coatings with the twin targets of "Saving operating cost through long-term corrosion prevention," and "Shortening work period and making maintenance easy through reduction of the number of paint application work".


Pioneer of Heavy-duty Protective Coatings


Carboline, a global leader in industrial coatings, has been at the forefront since its establishment due to its success in developing innovative products. Such outstanding foresight and highly evaluated technology have supported technical innovation in various fields and contributed greatly to the progress of industry.


For example, Carboline products have been used in over 80% of nuclear facilities in the U.S. This shows the achievements we gained by experiencing the long process of technical innovation from joining to experimental power reactor projects to establishment of industrial standards.


Carboline products have established distinguished records in major industries throughout the world. And the name “Carboline” is recognized as a synonym of “heavy-duty protective coatings".


Carboline takes pride in its rich experience and achievements in the field of heavy-duty protective coatings.


Japan Carboline (JCC) was established with equal capital participation of three companies: Sumitomo Corporation, Shinto Paint Co., Ltd. and Carboline Company (St. Louis, Missouri, USA).


In September 2007, JCC repurchased the equity shares held by Sumitomo Corporation as treasury stocks and eliminated them, and currently, JCC is being operated under the strong partnership between Carboline and Shinto Paint.


Carboline Company is a leading paint manufacturer with outstanding technology, and it specializes in heavy-duty maintenance coatings for protection against rust and corrosion. Its long list of achievements include nuclear power stations, chemical plants, petroleum refinery plants, water and sewage treatment plants, paper mills, large-sized steel structures such as ships, drilling rigs, offshore platforms, and other ocean development plants.


JCC is dedicated to the development, manufacturing, and sales of high-build coatings for long-term corrosion protection, drawing extensively on the manufacturing techniques and special service of Carboline Company.


Company Data

Company Name

Japan Carboline Co., Ltd.


April 1, 1971

End of Fiscal Year

March 31


100 million yen


Head Office:

Wakura Bldg., 1-1-5, Fukagawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0033, Japan

Osaka Office:

Minamitsukaguchi Bldg., 1-26-28, Minamitsukaguchi-cho, Amagasaki-city, Hyogo, 661-0012, Japan